Writing Improvement


At the beginning of the year, my blogging skills were not very good, as you can see in the picture on the right. I had not yet experienced with paragraphs and my blogs were all very short. Since then we have been working on paragraphing, elaborating and many more elements that have been essential to improving my writing.

Now, my writing is a lot more elaborated and as you can see a lot more organized. I like using paragraphs because it helps make the writing easier and more interesting to read, as well as making it look much neater. It’s easier to read my own writing now and a lot more enjoyable.

7th Grade

When I first arrived in august I expected 7th grade to be the worst year of my life. Everyone knows 7th grade is awful. Tons of homework, tests and being new wasn’t going to help. I didn’t know anyone, and I wasn’t sure how quickly I would make friends. I soon realized it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be. By October, I woke up in the morning actually looking forward to school! My classes were fairly easy and I found myself finding an amazing group of friends very soon!

This year I learned lots of new things, some of them not school related. I learned that dissecting hearts is not my thing. I also learned a whole lot about cells, and I can’t remember most of it. And almost all math equations from now on don’t even have numbers.

In the other hand, I also learned a lot about friendships. I learned that you can forgive someone without having to be their friend again. The friends you choose to keep really do matter and influence your life. To do good you have to surround d yourself around good people and learn to loose those who hold you back.

As summer comes close, I’m sad to see the year end. I really enjoyed all the memories and lessons this year brought to me. I’m very exited to see what next year offers and I hope it’s like this one. I’m a little scared, since it’s the last year of middle school and high school come close. But I’m sure it’ll be full of fun experiences.


Currently we are reading a book called Animal Farm as a class. This book shows a lot about leadership. In the book, the pigs are usually the leaders, since they are known to be more intelligent, although sometimes intelligence isn’t all you need to be a leader.

One of the pigs is named Napoleon. He is a very important leader in the farm and is trusted because of his intelligence. Although he is smart, it doesn’t seem like his mind is focused on the good of the people, but more toward the good of himself.

Being a leader takes more than one quality. Of course intelligence matters, but it also matters in where your priorities are set. A good leader cares about the good of the people and cares about what is good for everyone. Leadership is a very important quality and when being a leader you need to be aware of the decisions you make.


Oh, the Places You’ll Go! by Dr. Seuss

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes
You can steer yourself
any direction you choose.
You’re on your own. And you know what you know.
And YOU are the guy who’ll decide where to go.
You’ll get mixed up, of course,
as you already know.
You’ll get mixed up
with many strange birds as you go.
So be sure when you step.
Step with care and great tact
and remember that Life’s
a Great Balancing Act.

I love this poem because it really is what life is about. It explains how YOU make your own choices and those reflect on how your life turns out. It also explains how there are always bumps in the way for everyone, and you have to be carful choosing what’s right.

Childhood Memorie- Annie

When I was little, I just couldn’t live without Annie, the most amazing movie of all time. It was the most interesting and exciting movie I had ever seen!

Music, dancing and a great story-it has it all! While I watched it my eyes would light up with joy, singing and dancing to every part of the movie, as if I was I inside it. I would jump on top of the bed, swinging my arms, spinning round and round until I fell exhausted. Belting out every song at the top of my lungs over and over again: “It’s a hard knock life for us!” and the classic “The sun will come out TOMORROW!” And who could forget about that one special dog? Sandy! The evil Miss Hannigan and the loving Daddy Warbucks.

Every time I go back to watch it I fall in-love again with the precious little orphan, Annie. I will remember it forever. Without it, I would have missed out on years and years of the music and laughter this wonderful movie brought me.

Click here to watch the music video for It’s a Hard Knock Life

My Phone

My phone; my life in a small technical device. This complicated machine owns everything and anything about me from the day I got it to now. Everyday, there is something new that represents me. My phone is something I couldn’t live without, along with some of the applications in it. For example:

A world of video clips in the palm of my hand. Funny 6 second scenes that make me laugh my head off as I search for more. Actors that use their free time to make pointless videos for the world to see. This is the place to go to have fun when there’s nothing to do.

My life in pictures: the perfect way to describe Instagram. Being able to see what everyone one is doing with just the tap of a finger. Every important–fun– meaningful moment summed up in a picture right in front of your eyes.

1-10 seconds; that’s how long you get to see a picture or video sent to you. Funny picture you choose to send for a limited amount of time to anyone you want. Only being able to see the picture one time gives you the satisfaction you won’t be seeing that embarrassing picture ever again.

An infinite universe of videos. The king of video social media cites. Some people even make videos for a job! Seeing people that enjoy what they to; making others laugh or giving information. Any type of video you want– it’s there.

Every single episode ever made of family guy in my hands. Pretty Little Liars, Annie the movie, Legally Blonde, you name it! Hours spent watching every episode of my favorite shows. Exploring new shows requested to you based on the ones you have already seen! They’ve got everything planned out to perfection to make sure you find whatever you are looking for, and if it’s not there, they will make sure to request something like it!

These apps have become part of my everyday routine. I have to visit each one at least 5 times a day to complete my day. All of these are a waste of time most of the time, but I enjoy them anyway.

Town Lake ATX

Austin Tx; the most active city on earth, has an endless number of places and things to see all year around! We’ve got down town, Zilker Park, and my favorite- Town Lake. If you are ever in Austin, town lake is one of the things you never want to miss!

Town lake is where you can exercise and have fun at the same time! Running on the path, seeing the gorgeous water next to you and all kinds of animals! From turtles– ducks– even swans! I love seeing all the amazing nature surrounding the path!

Also, I love paddle boarding on the clear blue water. The wind drifting you along–fish and turtles swimming underneath you. Pretending to “fall” off the board to feel the coolness of the water against your burning body. Paddle boarding is a great way to spend time and enjoy Austin!

Town lake is my favorite place in Austin. It creates many activities to spend time in around nature and gorgeous animals. All the beautiful distractions you enjoy along the way are amazing! Town lake is one of the many things the city offers to have fun and be active. It is an experience that no one wants to miss!

Phantoms Lair

Creative Commons License


Alone the Phantom sits, looking down at his lair. A dark place, where the only things that live are inhuman. The walls leak dark, lifeless blood. Rats creep along the sides of the floor, searching for flesh. A single candle as the only light source, about to go out.

A tear of bitterness drops from the Phantom onto the cold, filthy lake. A lake that seems to have no end. A lake filled with emptiness, yet also filled with dark, horrored souls.

The Phantom rises, he walks into the lake. He walks until he becomes just a dark figure, until suddenly disappears. The lair becomes somehow lonelier, emptier than before, leaving only the miserable, cruel, memories of the once known “Phantom”.

Photo Credit: Ben Fredericson (xjrlokix) via Compfight


One day it’s 80 degrees, the next day it’s 29. Why can’t we just have regular weather! Austin Texas has the weirdest weather. It is impossible to predict! From snow to a day hot enough to swim the city can’t decide!

Having Austin weather causes major problems, which wouldn’t be too bad if the weather on my phone was ever right! You never know what your going to get which makes plans impossible to make!

I wish Austin was a normal city with normal weather. Now that would be great.

I Pads

Most people would say their iPad keeps them organized and productive or entertained and informed, but we all know what everyone does when the teacher isn’t looking; play games. IPads are definitely a huge distraction.

Don’t get me wrong– I love having iPads– but I have to admit they are a huge temptation. Say you’re working on a project, with your iPad right I front of you. Suddenly, you notice the teacher isn’t looking, ” Just one game…” you think to yourself, “she’s won’t notice…just 5 minutes.” Next thing you know you spent 45 minutes trying to beat your high score on Flappy Bird and now have a whole project to do for homework. The temptation took over you.

Also, sometimes, when the screen is black, you start to look at yourself. ” Man I’m really having a bad hair-day…” you think as you start to wonder off, “maybe I can’t just…” Next thing you know you are totally zoned out trying to fix your hair.

Even though iPads are a neat thing to have, to be honest, they are definitely the most distracting thing I have ever had in school.